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Refund Policies

(Last Revised: 01-31-2016)
1. Refunds are not available once a purchase is complete. All sales are final.
2. If you find that you are unable to attend an event you may exchange the tickets you purchased for tickets to another Musica Viva concert being offered during the same season. If the new tickets cost more than the original you must pay the difference in price. If the new concert costs less than the original, there will be no refund of the difference. However, we cannot exchange tickets for events that are less than 3 days away.
3. If an event is cancelled by us, we will contact you and issue a refund automatically, including all fees (except mailing fees).
4. If an event must be rescheduled by Musica Viva we will contact you with the new date and time. Can't make it? Contact us immediately upon receiving notice and use our exchange policy as described in #2 above.

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